welcome ♫♪

you've reached the landing page for coda's story diary! hosted by zonelets, thank you so dearly :)

this blog really doesn't have much to do with my life, as the word "diary" might suggest... instead, i'll be using it to chronicle the heat-of-the-moment word vomit style essays i've recently taken to writing in order to process my feelings about a piece of art...games, music, cartoons, stories...anything that makes me feel something!
it may not need to be said, but please don't consider this a list of reccomendations, or really anything other than a place for me to speak at nauseating length about my own feelings -- that's precisely why i've decided to call it a diary. just because i write about something here doesn't mean i endorse it! it's just a journey i'm going on ♫ it's mostly for me.
(though, that's not to say you can't use this blog to find new things to watch ...^-^)
i'm no authority on anything, and i'm quite a poor writer, but maybe you'll find it interesting? in any event, thanks for visiting : )