PRONOUNS it/its or they/them
AGE 21yrs
OCCUPATION Unknown Weapon
TOOLS MSPaint, Clip Studio (Visual art) LMMS & MANY free VSTs (songwriting), Audacity (Mix+Master)

welcome to...(drumroll) this page! it's about me. coda. hi...

i'm brand new to coding of any kind, so this website is gonna look very terrible on my end for quite a while. please bear with me while i slowly learn, and thanks x1000 to my extremely patient best friend for helping me out as i get started!!! i don't really like to talk about myself much, and i get kind of neurotic about my external if you see this page of the site change alot, please avert your eyes... for now, here's what you need to know: im a former "internet angel", and current listless insect. i study psychology in the real world, but i am a netizen first and corporeal body second. my hobbies are drawing, making amateur pop music on my laptop, and watching cartoons.

when i become competent enough to execute my visions, the main function of this site will be a host for "character shrines" (you may be familiar with the concept.) in my case, they will basically just be places for me to offload all of the art and writing and music i've accumulated about my favorite stories over time as well as general tributes and excuses to shamelessly infodump to no-one. that's my dream! besides that, this website will host my zonelets "story diary" where i do writeups on the most recent cartoon ive watched or game ive played or whatever to help myself process them and commit them better to memory. eventually, there might be more. i'm not sure exactly what yet.

that's all there is to say really. i hope you'll visit again when there's more to see -- i'll do my best to get there eventually!