hello world

Song: Hello World - Louie Zong

One of my very first pieces of Undertale fanart after getting back into it in 2018... never finished... I made the progress I do have here all within one day, during a time of my life where my free time to consistently work on art throughout the day was limited to a few hours. According to the upload date, I made this in May of 2018. I've left my rough storyboard ideas so that I can maybe finish it someday. The art is mostly all very old and hard to look at now, minus a few shots, so I'd like to get that done one day. Making this video was an act of rebellion and self expression during a time where I had little, so it's very important to me.

I think most of my general ideas here still hold up. There are a few little details I think are fun... When Frisk looks around nervously after Asriel transforms, they're meant to be looking towards Chara - who has the ability to influence them passively - hence the change in demeanor. I think if I were to remake this I'd make it a little more obvious with some slight camera panning.

I don't have too much else to say about this video that isn't just getting too personal.