5/17/23: uploaded some digimon scans and an AMV

5/2/23: added an undertale hub (finally)

4/29/23: added a digimon hub and a few pages to it

3/23/23: made a sitemap, including future site plans

3/9/23: more journal, made site wider, misc edits

3/2/23: made a journal to bitch in

2/18/23: added flareon's collection page

2/17/23: fixed iframes some more, added status to the homepage, and started on the cassettes collection!

2/15/23: figured out iframes (thank god), added an "about" page, and a small update to my fennekin collection

2/13/23: added pokemon + fennekin collection pages!

2/12/23: main site layout established now for the content!

to do

  1. rework sidebar / general site layout to be more broad interest focused rather than specific collection focused
  2. make pokemon hub to nestle collection hub within
  3. make wishlist pages for certain collections (but be sparing)

chimera feels
The current mood of chimera at