journals, thoughts, etc.

by nature of being someone with a dissociative disorder, journaling is something that is important for my day to day routine. i tend to highly struggle with actual physical journaling though (my journals get displaced for months), and we collectively try to steer away from excessive social media venting. a compromise that was decided on was for whoever wants their own journal to make their own journal for themselves, since mostly everyone enjoys basic coding as a form of artistic expression. there's also a more general journal for when things are more complex or someone just doesn't want to put in the effort of self-identifying. this serves as a directory for those pages.

some pages in the future may be shared, and some may not have a clear owner at all. privacy and anonymity is something i value even on the net when given the chance. there will be differing web ratings for these pages, so please refer to the web rating buttons before visiting.

Chimeric journal and scrapbook
(general, shared)


1. Fen's journal (18+)