adjective: chimeric; adjective: chimaeric; adjective: chimerical; adjective: chimaerical
  1. (of a mythical animal) formed from parts of various animals.
    "the design is based on a chimeric creature with the body of a turtle and the head of a dragon"
  2. hoped for but illusory or impossible to achieve.
    "the notion of tolerance is a chimeric dream"

a place to journal with less stakes, and designed to be more for "spur of the moment" articles or thoughts that i don't want to designate into entire site pages. also doubles as a scrapbook for everyday photos, as photography is one of my favorite things ever.

also somewhere to post whenever multiple parts are writing, or whatever else.

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A comic strip reading: What kind of animal is this? A chimera! Correct! Tch... you and your damned intuition...
The world of fantasy itself... This scenery will not disappear from my memory!