hey, this is fen's journal

🔞 This page is STRICTLY 18+! 🔞

while the content of my entries will usually stray from being explicitly nsfw, i'd prefer if minors did not view my entries. sorry! the rest of the main site (and other parts journals) are more inclusive.

i'm here to spill my guts out in whatever way i please, (positive, negative, literal or figurative) without dropping it onto anyone's floor but my own. no obligation to view anything written here, nor would i be likely to announce a new post unless it wasn't very personal. most likely going to talk about therapy, art, and other shit.

basic facts about me



Ok What else


Fen / Skylar

They / them

Dumb emo, Dyke, zombie, etc

Don't let the door hit you on the way out

viewer discretion advised, there's a non-zero chance of some somewhat serious subject matter being brought up in some of these (future) entries. proceed with caution if you are sensitive to discussion of any sexual based trauma, and detailed discussion of therapy for trauma and dissociative disorders. this is my journal to talk about and process my bullshit, whether anyone likes it or not.

i am not just a scary cunt though, i have my fun moments too, probably. just keep that in mind. i am not responsible for whatever may happen if you continue to read without heeding the warnings i give out.