Characters: Ken and Osamu Ichijouji, Oikawa Yukio and Hiroki Hida
Anime: Digimon Adventure 02
Song: Andy, You're a Star by The Killers

It's hard for me to really describe the emotions that went into me making this video... I've listened to this song since I was a child, and the chorus has always made me feel a lot of specific feelings. I was going to make a personal video with them, but I realized it fit pretty well to show the dynamic with these characters, too. Not that I think anyone would get on my case for it here on Neocities, but in case anyone does, I obviously don't morally approve of a character like Oikawa - but some of the things depicted in this show with him and Ken are things that are important to me... Sooooo I made this out of it. Yeah. I don't see talk about the parallels with these two characters in how they deal with grief/loss, and how this freaking Digimon show is for some written about abuse cycles...