about the webmaster...s?

i figure that a personal website must have an "about" page, but to be honest i'm not very good at talking about myself! i made this site to practice that sort of thing though, so i guess i should give it a shot.

i'm known by a few names, but my screen/"collective" name is chimera. i'm currently 23 years old (04/25/00) and go by they/them pronouns, usually. most of the time i don't like to use labels, and i don't have any fancy college degree or any real job titles or anything like that. i'm a high school drop out, and it's probably obvious! xP at the time of writing, i just work a retail job in my small town. i'd like to do more in the future maybe, but it took me a long time to get to where i am.

i consider myself a very passionate person, albeit a bit subdued. though i may not always have much energy, i always have "heart". i am introverted (to an extent) and value my time on my own, i love my friends very much and believe myself to be very loyal and caring. i'm not always the best at this kind of thing, but i try very hard. i'd be the skiddish beast you have to do a thousand quests to befriend in an RPG, but in return you get a powerful animal who fights for you... or, something?

coda, who shares this website with me, is my very best friend in the whole world. we met in 2018 and will meet in person later this year (may 2023). i could ramble on about this, but this is about me! :P

there are a lot of things in this world i care about, so i'll have a lot to say around this site eventually. i'm a lifelong pokemon fan and i'm very into nature and biology (specifically ecology, mammalogy). other stuff i like includes digimon, UTDR (obviously), the MOTHER series, and more i can't remember right now. i consider myself collectively nonhuman in a human form. this site will be a vessel to express all of this stuff, and a lot more.

i'm both mentally ill (dissociative identity disorder, etc.) and physically disabled (fibromyalgia), as well as autistic. i've been in consistent therapy for these things for about 2 years now, though i'd been through treatment on and off throughout my life. i try not to put this sort of thing very high up on "introducing" myself to other people nowadays, but since this website is somewhere i want to try to be more personal, i don't really mind. fortunately or unfortunately; i wouldn't be who i am without any of this, and it has a profound impact on how i interact with things - including how this site presents itself! so it's not random! ^^;

on the note of D.I.D, this site will be run by multiple parts, or you may know them as "alters". as a result, page layouts and typing styles across pages may vary. i'm usually not someone who likes to be very open about specifics on parts identities most of the time, but we're trying to let this site be a means of expression for my entire self, so naturally various parts will have their own things to say. it's no good to smother yourself.

here are the few voices you can expect to hear, as of right now. though it's not likely everyone may disclose who they are, or whose pages are who's.





there may or may not be extra abouts here later. it's up to them to decide! :) i know this may be confusing with our joint site, but coda is another real person, not one of my parts.

"Chimera" art belongs to kyleculpart, "Plural Pack" art belongs to Snap of K+CO, and the pagedolls are commissions from 13mo!